Seeds for Sustainability

We decided to call your action 'the Seed',
with our hope for it to become useful source for sustainable future.

Now is the time for us to take the action for global sustainability.
What we need now is the platform to share and brush up our actions to produce more effective ones towards the sustainable future. "Seeds for Sustainability" has been born to become such a platform, which includes actions of your own experiences or one of the best practices in your country.

We have prepared this web forum for gathering and growing the "Seeds." In other words, this web forum is an action catalogue, which will be a social capital for our common goal, the sustainable future. We earnestly hope that your "Seeds" will grow up to help the whole human beings achieve that ultimate goal.

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*ID number has been announced by e-mail to each applicant of "Student Summit for Sustainability."
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*Deadline for applicants:
-  30. Nov. 2006 (For applicants who need Financial Assistances)
-  20. Dec. 2006 (For the other applicants)

[For your help]
Questionnaire of 'Seeds for Sustainability' (PDF file)
Example of 'Seeds for Sustainability'(PDF File)

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